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Risking It All

Published by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Oct. 2015. As Vodafone’s first Qatari female executive, Dalya Ahmed Al-Khalaf is shattering the glass ceiling and expanding career roles for all Qatari women. Here, her words of wisdom make for an inspiring read.

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Feminist Fail: My Secret Body Shame

Published by Role Reboot, April 2015. No matter how many anti-fat shaming and body acceptance posts I read and share, the feeling of inadequacy returns.

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Eqlipsing Expectations

Published by Harper’s Bazaar (Arabia), April 2015. Modern-day Renaissance Woman Maryah Al-Dafa is an emerging entrepreneur and fashion powerhouse in Qatar. She might even be her country’s next ambassador.

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The Unstoppable Nellie Bly

Published on the Ms. Magazine blog, March 2015. Nellie Bly gained international fame for her gripping undercover assignment at an insane asylum. Then in 1889 she traveled around the world in 72 days, all the while chronicling her journey for New York World.

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‘Iron Jawed Angels’ Was Last Movie to Make Me Cry

Published by Women’s eNews, Feb. 2015. After I saw it I finally, truly, intensely understood that first wave feminists had fought for me. This movement had been started for me. Not just for me, of course, but for all women. Women’s eNews is screening the 2004 movie on Sunday March 1. Go see it if you can.

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Fun, Fearless – And On the Frontline

Published by Cosmopolitan Magazine (Middle East edition), Feb. 2015. At 22, she willingly went to work in a warzone. Here, Rosie Garthwaite shares her story of survival.

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