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Katie Couric Tweets About Sweet Epidemic!

Katie Couric made a surprise stop at Northwestern University in Qatar and met with the Sweet Epidemic team to learn more about the crisis of diabetes and obesity in Qatar.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Exciting news to share! Yesterday American journalist and famous TV news anchor Katie Couric promoted our Qatar Sweet Epidemic website on Twitter. She has 425,381 followers. Her tweet is below. This is certainly a proud moment for my students and for all of NU-Q!

And as if that wasn’t enough, Katie also promoted us on her Facebook page:


Now for the big reveal: My students and I met with Katie on Monday (she was in Doha to meet with Sheikha Moza, but, from what I understand, at the last minute requested a tour of NU-Q) to showcase our work to her. So now that Katie has seen it, it’s your turn! Don’t forget to check out to learn more about the diabetes and obesity crises in Qatar.

Part of the Sweet Epidemic team showing our website to Katie Couric.


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