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NU-Q at Doha Film Institute Family Days

November 23-24, 2012 – Northwestern University in Qatar showed off its broadcast journalism program at the Doha Film Institute Family Days weekend. 

Northwestern University in Qatar had a chance to showcase its awesome broadcast journalism program at Doha Film Institute Family Days all weekend. Our production staff and talented students set up a mock news desk and invited local families to try their hand at anchoring, reporting and running the control panel.

I acted as the NUQ host, introducing the activity and explaining to the audience just how much our university really rocks. That’s not hard to do when you’re one of the best journalism schools in the world!

We put on a live newscast nearly every hour from about 3pm-8pm on both days, and all the participating kids had a fantastic time.

Every year, DFI Family Days offers an array of creative workshops and activities for children and their families during the Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

NU-Q at DFI Family Days. Image by Jan-Marie Petersen.



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