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Ever Heard of Kids News?

Here’s a blast from the past. When I was a wide-eyed, button-nosed nine year old living in Parma, Ohio, I “published” my own newspaper!

Called Kids News, I ended up printing about four issues before shutting down the presses, and, despite the title, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a modicum of factual information in there. But I have to give credit to my amazing mother – she helped me print and distribute the copies to all my classmates at St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic School.

Behold, my start as a journalist:

I "published" this when I was 10 years old!

My first newspaper. I “published” this when I was 9 years old!


Check out my message from the editor…hopefully, I’m a much better writer now. And notice my title, “Editor & Chief.” Clearly, I hadn’t learned the value of proofreading yet (and grammar, as the newspaper’s name would suggest) 😉

  • Lisa

    What a great newspaper that was. Jounalism was in you from the start.


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