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Chicago nonprofit launches campaign to promote black enterprise

Published in the Northwest Indiana Times, Jan. 2007. In the cut-throat world of supply and demand, where high revenues and high earnings are all that matter, one would hardly expect corporate CEOs to pay attention to the skin color of their suppliers. But that is exactly what one Chicago-based organization is challenging employers to do.

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Profile of a Ukrainian-American Icon

Published on the Universal Journal/The Association of Young Journalists and Writers website, 2005. Dr. Myron Kuropas may seem like an ordinary 72-year-old retiree from DeKalb, but he is far from it. Kuropas is heavily active in politics – Ukrainian-American politics to be specific.

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Ukrainian president heralds countrymen in Chicago

Published in the Daily Northwestern, April 2005. Orange was the color on Monday evening when more than 1,000 Chicago Ukrainians wearing orange ties, scarves and buttons swarmed the Palmer House Hilton Hotel to catch a glimpse of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko.

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