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Senate Raises Osama bin Laden Bounty – KVRR TV

Package on North Dakota senators’ bill to raise the bounty for Osama bin Laden. Christina Paschyn reporting for FOX-affiliate KVRR TV (Fargo, ND) as station’s political correspondent in Washington, D.C., 2007.

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Art Exhibit Boosts Chicago Economy – NNN

Report for Northwestern News Network, 2007, on how an art exhibition at the Merchandise Mart will boost Chicago’s economy. Live intro and closing standup: Christina Paschyn

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Teens’ Summer Job Outlook is Bleak

Published in the Northwest Indiana Times, March 2007. NOW HIRING signs might abound this summer, but if you’re a teenager, your chances for landing a job are slim. Child labor laws and competition from older students and other workers may be the reasons.

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Published by Medill Reports, March 2007. The future looks rosy for the Eurodollar, and Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc. is banking on it. It is expected to be the number one contract on the merged exchange.

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