Voice-Over: PBS NewsHour/Pulitzer Center

PBS News Hour, Video


Provided character voice-over for a PBS NewsHour/Pulitzer Center report on “Stateless” Haitians struggling in the Dominican Republic, December 2010.


A change to the Dominican Republic’s constitution has left many residents of Haitian descent lacking citizenship and in a state of legal limbo.

This reporting is part of a joint collaboration between the Pulitzer Center, PBS Newshour and USA Today.


Christina’s voice comes in at 7:10. 



Reported by: Stephanie Hanes and Steve Sapienza
Narrator: Stephanie Hanes
Videographer/Editor: Steve Sapienza
Travel grant provided by Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
Field Translator: John Suprien
Voice Over: Julienne Gage, Christina Paschyn

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