Christina has reported for major news organizations worldwide, including the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, in London, E News in Johannesburg, and KVRR-TV as the station’s congressional correspondent in Washington, D.C.

She has covered various under-reported topics, such as women’s rights and gender issues in the Gulf, education policies in the GCC, deteriorating press freedom in Ukraine, net neutrality, and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster anniversary and its relevance to the Fukushima nuclear crisis. She delivered live shots and interviews about rocket strikes during the 2009 Israel-Gaza War for WEWS News Channel 5 and CNN iReport, respectively.

Her video work has also appeared on Euronews, and her reporting, photography, and commentaries have been published in The New York Times, Chatham House, the Christian Science Monitor, Al-Fanar Media, Women’s eNews, Ms. Magazine, The Huffington Post, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and Cosmopolitan Middle East, among other publications.

Christina is available for reporting projects. Visit the contact page to get in touch.

Selected Works

Print & Photography

The World Today Magazine, Chatham House:

The Gulf States Have the Power to Revive Two-State Solution

Postcard from Qatar: How the West Misunderstood the World Cup

The Markaz Review:

Queer Khaleejis and Western Biases – Individual Freedom at Stake

Doha Street Artist Mubarak Al-Malik’s Fabulous Journey

University World News:

Universities Strive to Reduce Inequalities for Disabled Students

The New York Times:

Russia is Trying to Wipe Out Crimea’s Tatars

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia:

Eqlipsing Expectations

Risking it All

Cosmopolitan Middle East:

Fun, Fearless–And On the Front-Line

Ms. Magazine:

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: More than a Suffragist

Fearless Feminist Reporter Nellie Bly Hits the Big Screen

Ida Tarbell: The Woman Who Pioneered Investigative Reporting

The Unstoppable Nellie Bly

Anne Hutchinson: Foremother of Religious Tolerance

The Christian Science Monitor:

Educated and Ambitious, Qatari Women Nudge Their Way into the Office

Al-Fanar Media:

Longtime Emirati Education Minister Moves Aside

Zig-Zagging Education Policies Leave Qatari Students Behind

Experts Reconsider Education at Doha Conference

A Qatari Teaching Center Lifts up Low-Performing Schools

Chime for Change:

Qatar’s Invisible Women

THINK. Magazine:

Qatar: Anatomy of a Globalized State

Women’s eNews:

‘Iron Jawed Angels’ was Last Movie to Make Me Cry

This Movie is a Beautiful Call to Action, Anger

Chernobyl Survivor Flags Women’s Radiation Risk

Video & Multimedia

Anchor and Presenter Work:

The Pulitzer Center Week in Review

YouTube Project Report Production Tips


Qatar: The Art of the Matter (segment runs from 4:00-6:00)

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting:

Chernobyl Survivor Shares Story, Advice for Japan (watch accompanying short documentary here)

Ukraine: Journalists Face Uncertain Future (watch accompanying video interviews here and here)

Stressing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Children in Developing Countries

Mothers in Peril: The Global Crisis of Maternal Mortality (watch accompanying video interview here)

What Net Neutrality Means for Journalists (watch accompanying video interview here)

Academic Scholarship

“Orientalist Narratives and Subversive Activism in the Lead-Up to the 2022 World Cup” in Global LGBTQ Activism

“How International Media Tackled the Blockade” in The Gulf Crisis: The View from Qatar

“The Applicability of Symbolic Annihilation in the Middle East” in Feminist Approaches to Media Theory and Research

“Qatar’s Hidden Women: Symbolic Annihilation and Documentary Media Practice” in Visual Communication Quarterly

“Check Your Orientalism at the Door: Edward Said, Sanjay Seth, and the Adequacy of Western Pedagogy” in The Journal of General Education

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