One of Paschyn’s passions (yes, pun intended!) is creative writing.

In 2017, after spending most of her professional life focused on her journalism and filmmaking ambitions, Christina decided to revive her life-long dream of becoming a published fiction author.

She has taken numerous creative writing courses in the US and UK via Stanford University, the Writing Barn, Gotham Writers Workshop, Writers.com, Writing the Other, and the Golden Egg Academy. She is a member of SCBWI and 12X12.

In 2021, she completed the Online Certificate Program in Novel Writing through Stanford Continuing Studies at Stanford University.

Christina is seeking agent representation for several picture books that range from laugh-out-loud fun to poignant contemporary pieces inspired by her Ukrainian heritage and the Russo-Ukrainian war. She is also busy revising two innovative young adult novels.

She won a PBParty 2024 Honorable Mention for her manuscript, Inessa’s Beginning.

Check out some of her work below.

If you are interested in representing or publishing Christina’s writing, send her a message.

Follow her on X at @cpaschyn_author.

Picture Books and Young Adult Novels

I am currently querying the following manuscripts:

MAGIC BETWEEN OUR FINGERS (440 words): Embroidery isn’t a craft—it’s a portal to a wonderland! When a young girl pricks her needle into a linen blouse, a magical world comes to life around her. Then her fingers trip, the patterns grow out of control, and she doubts she has what it takes to carry on her family’s traditions. But with her grandmother’s and mother’s guidance, she discovers that true enchantment just needs a little more hard work and patience.

Come along for a whimsical adventure where every stitch holds a secret meaning rooted in the art of Ukrainian embroidery called vyshyvanka.

It is Harold and the Purple Crayon x Woven of the World.

INESSA’S BEGINNING (600 words): Spring brings more than just Easter—it brings a fresh start for a young Ukrainian girl beginning a new life in America. As Inessa struggles to fit in, she clings to the hope of creating the perfect pysanka (an ornate Easter egg) for her school’s egg decorating competition. But no matter what she does, nothing about her designs—or herself—seems good enough. Until the day of the contest, when Inessa’s pysanka leads her to an epiphany: maybe she doesn’t need to be perfect. Maybe it’s enough to be herself.

This story offers the powerful lessons of Watercress of embracing one’s identity and heritage, but with an Easter, Ukrainian twist. 

Winner of a 2024 PBParty Honorable Mention! 

A SONG OF THE KOBZARS (790 words): Olenka adores two things most in the world: her Tato (father) and his bandura. She longs to play the Ukrainian musical instrument, but her notes never sparkle and spin like his. Then Russia
invades Ukraine, and Olenka has no choice
but to flee, leaving behind her father and her
dreams. Now, as a refugee watching Tato
face the challenges of war from afar, will
Olenka finally find the right notes? And can she use her music to make a difference?

This story will help American children comprehend the impact of the war on people their age while also learning about Ukraine’s rich history and culture.

It will appeal to readers of Stepping Stones, These Olive Trees, and The Moon from Dehradun.

Published Work

Shovels & Sons:
a humorous short story about father-son relationships that doubles as a cautionary tale against pinning all your hopes on a funeral. Purchase the full anthology or read my story here.

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