One of Paschyn’s passions (yes, pun intended!) is creative writing.

Since childhood, she has often spent her free time filling pages upon pages of notebooks with fantastical and gripping short stories and proto-novels.

In 2017, after spending most of her professional life focused on her journalism and filmmaking ambitions, Christina decided to revive her life-long dream of becoming a published fiction author.

She has taken numerous creative writing courses in the US and UK via Stanford University, the Writing Barn, Gotham Writers Workshop, Writers.com, Writing the Other, and the Golden Egg Academy. She is a member of SCBWI.

In 2021, she completed the Online Certificate Program in Novel Writing through Stanford Continuing Studies at Stanford University.

Christina is seeking agent representation for three read-aloud fun picture books. She is also busy revising two innovative young adult novels.

Check out some of her work below!

If you are interested in representing or publishing Christina’s writing, send her a message.

Picture Books

I am currently querying the following manuscripts:

THE CASE OF THE PHANTOM DUCK (660 words) combines spooky fun with an oblivious heroine and fart jokes. It will appeal to kids who loved Creepy Carrots, Sophie Johnson: Detective Genius and There’s a Giraffe in My Soup.

It’s Halloween and Cryptina Fearless is on the hunt. But she’s NOT hunting for candy. She’s hunting for ghosts. And lucky for her, the Phantom Duck is haunting her house! (Too bad he’s also stinking it up.) Will our aspiring ghost hunter capture her very first spook? Or is it possible she’s missing an earthlier explanation—like her very gassy dad?

The story is inspired by my experience with the DC Area Metro Ghost Hunters—and as someone married to her very own phantom duck! Readers will get a kick out of following Cryptina as she records EVPs, snaps fleeting ghost orbs, and conjures every paranormal trick up her sleeve to banish the smelly “Phantom Duck” for good!

And watch out for the big twist at the end!

For the kid wondering where babies come from–and the parent dreading the question–EGGWINA’S EGGCELLENT EGGVENTURE (650 words) offers a comedic, cartoony take on the facts of life. It is Where Willy Went but this time from the egg cell’s perspective!

Join Eggwina as she bids adieu to Madame Ovary and sails to the Totally Spectacular UterInn. Will our intrepid sailor pick up a hitchhiking sperm along the way? And what happens when Eggwina’s best friend Olivium decides to tag along?

With plenty of egg puns and subtle winks to parents, this gentle, light-hearted introduction will amuse children and adults alike. Eggwina’s journey also challenges the inaccurate notion that the egg is passive in reproduction, showing little girls that their bodies are active and dynamic (plus depicting how fraternal twins are made)! My manuscript was reviewed by academic Nadia L. Johnson, co-author of Revisiting “The Fertilization Fairytale,” which analyzed the sexist portrayals of reproduction in textbooks.

In THIS LITTLE PIGGY’S REVENGE (340 words), five naive pigs discover what “this little piggy went to market” really means. Are the pigs destined to become the B in Farmer John’s BLT? Or can they save their own bacon before it’s too late?

This humorous and subversive take on the classic nursery rhyme will appeal to older kids, especially budding animal rights activists. Parents will also appreciate the sly reference to Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Comparable titles include The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! and I Thought This Was a Bear Book.

All three mock covers were designed and illustrated by the supremely talented Garin Adi S! You can hire him through Fiverr under his username gastrasion.

Published Work

Shovels & Sons:
a humorous short story about father-son relationships that doubles as a cautionary tale against pinning all your hopes on a funeral. Purchase the full anthology or read my story here.

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